The Statue of the Three Lies (Harvard University)

Published: January 22, 2022

Harvard University was founded in 1636, and it became the 1st school higher education in the New World. The most popular Kodak spot for tourists and students is a Statue that reads JOHN HARVARD founder 1638, which is also known as the Statue of the Three Lies. This statue is said to bring luck to everyone who rubs its left foot.

The Three Lies:

  • The first lie: The statue is not John Harvard, but a student that sculptor Daniel Chester used as a model.
  • The 2nd lie: John Harvard was not the founder just a major benefactor. He donated around 400 books to the university’s library.
  • The 3rd lie: Harvard was not founded in 1638, but in 1636.

So now you know, if you visit Boston, you must take the time to take a picture with the statue of the three lies.

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